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voldemort_albus's Journal

Albus/Voldemort Slash
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An Harry Potter group dedicated to the Voldemort/Albus pairing
Welcome to Voldemort_Albus, a community dedicated to Albus Dumbledore/Tom Riddle-Voldemort slash. Any and all type of fan fiction and pictures are welcomed, from G to NC-17 and beyond. All kinds of fan fiction are welcomed, no matter the content. If you're into this pairing, and want to find others who are too, then feel free to join!

Please be 18 or older when you join. I am not responsible for anyone's stupidity if they join and then decide, hey, I don't like this community and flame me. I'm telling you now, THIS COMMUNITY WILL CONTAIN ANYTHING WE CAN COME UP WITH!

The Rules Are Below. Just Obey the *FEW* rules I have and I'll let anything go.


1)NO FLAMES. Don't care what is posted. You want to rant at someone about their post? Do it somewhere else.

2) No advertising any Livejournal Community *UNLESS* it's Harry-Potter centric. Wanna advertise non Harry Potter centric communities? Go to community_promo.

3)ANYTHING rated R or ABOVE MUST HAVE AN LJ CUT. If *I*, the computer-illiterate moron who created this community can make an LJ Cut, anyone can do it. This goes for pictures, stories, whatever is rated R or NC-17.

4)General, Heterosexual, Slash, and Yuri *are* allowed but please, label it? Some of us like pure slash while others don't mind.

5) In some way your story MUST contain or be solely about the Lord Voldemort/Albus Dumbledore pairing. No ands, ifs, or buts. If you want to post your story but aren't sure if it'll be accepted, ask me or email me the story and I'll let you know.

6) ALL stories and pictures MUST contain warnings. No exceptions.

Note: The email for this website came as albusvoldemort because the other way around came out as voldemortalbus. Which, to me looks like Volde-mortal-bus, and that sounds like something from the Fifth Element.